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Good to know

Seinälaatan asennus

Why wall tile cannot be installed on the floor?

Manufacturing processes of wall tiles are usually not sufficient enough to give the tiles hard surface and structural firmness needed to last on the floor.


On the other hand, all floor tiles can be installed on the walls, which is quite usual.

Why glass mosaics/tiles should be attached with white renovating plaster? 

Commonly used gray renovating plaster is translucent through the glass mosaic and giver the tile dark hue.

Laying tiles with white renovating plaster keeps the hue of the glass normal.

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Can you install large tile to a small space?

If the wall surfaces are clear without projection or angles, can small spaces be tiled with large-sized tiles.

Large tiles grid less and give more spacious impression.

What is the difference between glazed and unglazed floor tile?

In glazed floor tile the glaze is on the surface of the tile.

Glaze protects the surface from absorption of water and makes the tile easier to keep clean.

Glazed tile is usually more slippery than unglazed tile.

Glazed tile doesn’t endure wear as much as unglazed tile.

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What does rectified tile mean?

The edges of (kuivapuristelaatta) are refined or cut inch-perfect, so that tiles can be butt jointed.

Usually the best outcome can be achieved with about 1-2 mm grout.

What do i need to pay attention to when selecting the color of grout?

Color of the grout is a essential part of overall picture in tiling.

Especially in mosaic tiles the color of grout is highly important.

During the deciding the color of grout you have to think, whether to highlight the grout itself or to achieve as neutral as possible color of grout.

Usually the ending up with neutral grout color, so that the tile would be the eye-catcher.


What grout width can i lay tiles with?

Width of grout joints are between 2- 10 mm.

On the width of grout joints effects the dimensional accuracy of the tile.

Ensure from the seller, that what is the minimal grout joint width for the tiles you have chosen.

Usually you should lay tiles with as small width of the grout as possible, because grout is the weakest spot of the tiling surface.

Rectified, dimensionally accurate tile allows the small width of the grout.

Sanitation of the joints?

Tile seam is porous cement-based or epoxy-based product. Epoxy sealing plate needs not to be protected, because epoxy seam’s water absorption capacity is 0%. The cement-based tile seams’ water absorption capacity is between 4-15%, and they may get dirty beneath the surface. If necessary, use a separate top plate to protect the seam.

Decor H Myymälä - Helsinki
Decor H Myymälä

How are the tiles kept clean?

Tiles are easy to maintain surfaces. It is important to take care of the cleaning after installation, so that the cement and lime residues can be removed from the surface of the tile.

Are the tiles compatible with underfloor heating?

Floor heating is ideal for the tiles. Ceramic product stores thermal energy and releases it evenly into the room. Underfloor heating requires a flexible adhesive on the order of S1 or S2.

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Which tiles are suitable for wet areas?

You have to ensure sufficient anti-skid surface of the tiles according to standards. Some of the special stones and decorative tiles are not suitable for the shower area or in similar places where they would be attacked by water.

Are your natural stones suitable for wet rooms, for example under the shower?

All natural stones are not suitable for wet areas. For example, all of the sand stones are not suitable for use in wet room floor. Some rocks have iron in them, which is why the surface of the stone can form rust in wet areas. Make sure of the selected natural stones suitability for wet room floor from the seller.

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Decor Laatat

Which of the tile can withstand freezing? What tile is suitable for outside in the first place?

The rule of thumb may be to think that the tiles with a water absorption of 1% or less, are frost-resistant. Exceptions are terracotta and natural ceramic tiles. If the tiles are installed out in the pedestrian area, it is to ensure sufficient slip paternity. With outside tiling you should check that the platform structure and plasters are weatherproof, in order to avoid damage to the packaging of the tiles coming loose.